Monday, 4 February 2013

Waiting to be remembered

As I continue this process of remembering every day that passes into its second year, I am also trying to recover past days by finding images to pin to the months on my mental calendar prior to beginning this process.

At present, I'm giving most attention to 2010 and 2011, though occasionally run back as far as I can go.

Having started with the target of just one image per month and not worrying about the particular day it belongs to, I'm finding the exercise is unlocking many more memories.

I had forgotten the soccer World Cup took place in 2010 and now have a memory tag of watching one of the games. I've also remembered details of my wife's and my own birthdays in those years that had escaped me. Each recollection helps to orientate me and, as I start to include them in my reviews they bring up other events.

Memory research suggests it does not function like a video tape or hard drive store, but it does seem that I have a lot stored away just waiting to be remembered.

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