Saturday, 9 February 2013

How could I forget?

I am filling in the blanks on my mental calendar, with a focus on 2009 - 2011, as well as continuing with the process of remembering every day that passes going forward.

This is starting to bear real fruit.

As we split our time between my wife's country and my own, each year can have a different flavour, particularly as our circumstances change.

In 2010, for example, we spent some of the year staying with my parents. I know now that we actually left my wife's country on this date - 9 February - three years ago as I've recently gone through the stamps in my passport to apply for renewing my residence visa.

Remembering the date, I remembered it was cold. Then I remembered that soon after arriving we had taken advantage of a hotel promotion to stay in a hotel in the countryside an hour or so away.

Remembering that reminded me that we had hired a holiday cottage in the same area for a weekend break in the summer to meet up with some friends we hadn't seen for a while. Then it struck me: we had arrived at the cottage on my birthday.

So now I have an image pinned to my mental caledar for my birthday in 2010.

This had eluded me when I tried to think back to where I had been on past birthdays, even though it was less than three years ago.

Now I know, and hopefully will not forget again.

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