Wednesday, 27 February 2013


My nephew gave up chocolate for Lent last year. In fact, my memory tag for 28 March 2012 is sitting in the café at an astronomy centre we were visiting, where he suddenly remembered the hot chocolate drink he had ordered would break his promise. So I had it instead and he had some ginger beer.

My wife isn't Catholic, but her evangelical church is having a 40-days fast until Easter. One of the suggestions was to give up milk. That's my memory tag for 17 February 2013, the Church service when they ran through the suggestions: red meat, solid food (sounds a little dangerous), watching sport for men - using makeup for women (a bit sexist in this day and age), sugar, desserts, coffee, milk.

I drink a lot of milk and so thought it might be interesting to give it a miss for 40 days. Just over a week later, I can say I don't seem to have any form of lactose intolerance as I feel no different for not having milk in my drinks and avoiding icecream and cheese. Which makes the thought of going back to it even more appealing.

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