Thursday, 21 February 2013

Swimming lengths

I have been getting back into swimming - partly because a minor strain was limiting my running.

I usually do some sort of review of the images pinned to my internal calendar for remembering every day that passes while on a run and tried the same thing while swimming.

The trouble I found was that I also count the lengths I swim and it was easy to confuse the date I was remembering and the number of the length I was swimming.

The solution was obvious: combine the two.

Which gives a fun exercise while exercising.

Length 1: recall the images for the 1st of each month going back in time, till the length is over.

Length 2: repeat for the 2nd of each month.

Hitting 30 lengths, then start again from the 1st, but for earlier months.

A variation I am using sometimes is to only retrieve one image for the day of a particular month corresponding to the number of the length I am swimming and use that as a jumping off point to remember as much as possible about the day before the next length.

Other times, I just concentrate on improving my swimming style and practise tumble turns.

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