Sunday, 10 February 2013

Just last year

For about the past 14 months (until 17 December 2011), I have images pinned to my mental calendar that enable me to remember each one of the days from then to now.

Now I am filling in the preceding years retrospectively and this is changing the way I perceive the images from a year ago. I caught myself thinking today, "That was just last year", as if remembering something a year ago is no big deal, no longer an effort. Almost as natural as remembering what I had for breakfast.

In this case the image pinned to my mental calendar for a year ago is the birth of my best friend's daughter (not literally the birth - our receiving the phone call from my friend), so not so unusual.

But the same is true for each and every day where the images are firmly entrenched on my mental calendar. I certainly couldn't do that before I made this conscious effort to remember.

I feel this is a good sign because it may indicate that my brain is starting to adjust to remembering things a year or so ago as if this is the recent past.

I am still doing my daily reviews of a two-day window for each week since I began this process, but maybe this method will start to change, though I am not sure yet how.

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