Monday, 18 February 2013

Pouring down

When I was a kid an expression I sometimes heard from my mother was, "It never rains, but it pours."

Meaning sometimes one thing after another goes wrong or causes hassle.

That was my week. From work stress, to car trouble, to an absurdly high utility bill, to pulling a muscle running. And that was just Thursday. It's enough to be going on with. It poured.

I found my review of the memory tags I use to remember the past 14 months helped put things in perspective.

Currently I pass a two-day window over the weeks since I began this process, so I was recalling every Saturday and Sunday since the end of 2011.

I guess if I plotted a graph of stress against time as I did the review it would have been jumping up and down, but the central message was these days will be past memories before too long.

A subsidiary message was problems can usually be resolved, just take them one by one.

The underlying message was life is a journey and I should do my best to enjoy it. 

Even when it pours.

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