Sunday, 6 January 2013

Paring down

As I enter my second year of remembering every day that passes, a new method for reviewing the images pinned to my mental calendar is emerging.

Each image - sometimes several images - pinned to a date allows me to recall what I chose to remember as a tag for that day and from that I can recall other aspects. I have been reviewing these images regularly and they now seem to be entrenched, but I remain fearful of stopping this process in case blanks begin to appear when I do look back.

I have been using a three-day window in my reviews, so on Sunday I recall the images for each Friday, Saturday and Sunday since I began this process. For the most recent month, I review all images. This has been working fine.

A couple of days ago, I thought I'd switch to a two-day window. I did consider just recalling the same day of the week going back to December 2011, but two consecutive days suits me better as the memories are often linked in some way and the moving window means the days daisy chain off each other each time I do the review.

Moving to a two-day window has cut the number of days in the review by almost a third, though not exactly a third as I still review the images for the full last month.

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