Tuesday, 15 January 2013

As if it was yesterday

We spent last weekend with one my wife's sisters and her husband.

On Sunday we went for a walk and a drink. Chatting on the way, my wife related a story of when a friend's young son caught a fish in a play area next to a recreational lake we visited.

I immediately remembered the date: 27 August 2012, a Monday. The image pinned to my mental calendar is actually cycling around the lake, but I recall much more about the day and was able to remind my wife. It added to a pleasant outing.

Now, I might well have remembered some or all of this before I began this process of remembering every day that passes, but perhaps not. Orientating myself through the events earlier in my life is certainly a struggle.

It was a rewarding moment: this is the point of being able to remember better, I thought, as we talked.

That conversation is my memory tag for the day.

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