Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Advertising policy

At the time of writing I have Google Ads active on this blog.

Advertisements appear tailored to your location and may be related to certain keywords used in blogposts. Any payment I receive from Google Ads is based on the ads being clicked. I do not receive payment for the ads appearing and their presence on the blog is not intended to indicate I endorse the product or service being advertised.

I have set the preferences to avoid certain types of advertisements that might be triggered by articles on memory. For example, I have blocked health advertisements to, hopefully, prevent those making claims that vitamins or other supplements benefit memory. These should not appear on this blog.

If you do see any advertisements that you think are inappropriate, please let me know.

From time to time I may mention a product in a blog. I imagine this will generally be in the context of a particular memory or a research study. For example, I posted a blog about a study involving Disney World and people recalling meeting Bug Bunny there, even though he is not a Disney character.

Hopefully it is obvious that I am not intending any endorsement by postings such as that, nor am I receiving any payment for them.

Possibly I will mention a product, such as a smart phone app, to recommend it (this is what has prompted me to post this policy). When this happens, this is my own genuine opinion and is unlikely to have been based on any rigorous market research, so take it for what it is: highlighting something I have found useful. I do not receive payment for anything I mention in the blog - and should I be approached or offered money to blog on a product, I would refuse.

I hope this is clear. Feel free to comment.

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