Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Blog birthday

Today is the first anniversary of beginning this blog.

Setting it up is the image pinned to my mental calendar of 23 January 2012. It was a Monday.

This began as an experiment. I did not know if it would still be going a year later, and I have surprised myself in being able to find ways to remember every day since 17 December 2011 when I actually first started the process of remembering. In fact I now have more general images for every month going back to January 2010 and once those are entrenched will see how much more of the past I can reclaim.

I've not become a hyperthymesiac, capable of recall without the effort to entrench memories. I still fear that blanks will appear as time goes on if I let things slip, though these methods have become such a habit and have such wider benefits, it now feels this is just something I do.

In a way I suppose it is obsessive to spend say 20 minutes in the morning and other odd moments at other times reviewing past days. But in the past I may well have been obsessing about something else, perhaps worrying over a particularly memory or something coming up. My mind actually feel stiller now than before I began (I wrote a blog post about this a while ago - but I didn't make a point of remembering the date, so would have to look it up).

It still seems there is much to be discovered. My memory tag for just two days ago is that it was a historic day, when I found I could mentally step into the images on my calendar and experience them much more vividly.

As I start to gain a perspective that goes back not just weeks and months, but years, this is also illuminating. In ways I'm only just starting to discover.

If you are reading this and have read other postings, then thank you for dropping by.

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