Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bubble meditation

I am now trying to synchronise recalling the images pinned to my internal calendar to my breathing.

Remember one day on breathing in, the next on breathing out, then move forward a week for the next two-day window. I switch to a three-day window on reaching three months ago and review every day of the last month, dispensing with the breathing link if it takes a little more thought to remember the image I have chosen.

During the breathing review yesterday, I was reminded of a meditation technique I practised for a while a long time ago. Actually, I may as well be more precise and say it was in 1986 when I was at college. I am now making a point of remembering so might as well be accurate when I can.

The instruction in the book where I took this from was to imagine being at the bottom of a swimming pool or lake - the lake I used is a real one I have visited. Allow a thought to rise like a bubble rising through the water towards the surface and the sunlight. When it reaches the surface, let it go. Then wait for the next thought. The idea was not to dwell on a particular thought, but to experience each for a short moment and let any lessons be subliminal.

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