Monday, 7 January 2013

Breathing in and breathing out

A few days ago I change the method I used for reviewing the images pinned to my mental calendar as tags for remembering each day that passes.

I now use a two-day window for the most distant months. So today being Monday, I recall every Sunday and Monday since I began this process back in December 2011. This is a reduction from the three-day window I was previously using, though I am switching back to that when I reach about three months ago. For the last month I review the images for every day.

I am trying to become more relaxed with the images that are well entrenched, to the extent of recalling each image as I breath, the first day breathing in, the second day breathing out. I say the actual date in my mind as I do so. It is easy to jump to the dates for the following week.

Sometimes I take a little longer and may have to look back a few days earlier to orientate myself. Some days have more than one image or more detail I want to recall that takes longer.

But I think I will make this my goal for the entrenched time, to make the reviews as easy as breathing in and breathing out.

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