Sunday, 30 September 2012

One month weight loss

It is one month since I began the intermittent fasting regime.

My weight this morning is 81 kg, which is a loss of 5 kg over the month.

I'm feeling better for it, even if this is much faster than I expected.

Running is becoming easier and 10 km is now my standard distance, with a time of one hour - not fast, but my focus has been on finishing and not hurting myself, rather than speed. The calories burned by running three or four times a week has also been having an impact on my calorie deficit, of course.

Low calorie days have been easy to fit into my routine so far, and no great hardship. Half my usual breakfast leaves me feeling hungry by 6 pm, which a light snack is enough to take off. Fruit teas, an afternoon coffee (to stop me getting a caffeine withdrawal headache) and possibly an apple, keeps me within the 600 calories limit.

On non-fasting days I eat well, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and a bit more meat, fish and cheese than normal as I think I need to keep protein intake up.

For the next week we are staying with my parents before leaving to visit my wife's country and I've been eating particularly well since I've been here. How much that will impact on the downward trend remains to be seen.

This puts my BMI onto 23.4, at the upper end of the green on this calculator from the UK's NHS:

I want to lose a further 5 kg and then stabilise. How that will work out remains to be seen.

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