Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weight going down, balance going up

I began my intermittent fasting routine on 30 August 2012 and have aimed to eat below 600 Calories on at least two days per week.

Sometimes these days coincide with runs of up to 10 km, which would consume around this number of calories, meaning a full deficit of the guideline daily amount of 2200 - 2770 Calories.

Here are my figures, with the baseline results from 30 August in brackets.

Weight: 82.5 kg (86.0 kg)

BMI: 24 (25)

Body Fat: 23.8% (24.7% - measured on the same local chemist's balance)

Balance: 22 seconds (12 seconds - standing on left leg holding right ankle, with eyes closed, average of three times)

Pace over 5 km: 5:00 min/km (during a race on 9 September 2012. Was 5.31 min/km on 2 September)

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