Sunday, 9 September 2012

Body reboot

I've been practising intermittent fasting for just two weeks - that's a total of four low-calorie days - and have lost an impossible amount of weight.

According to my standard set of bathroom scales, weighing at the same time (immediately after getting up), I have lost 3 kg (down to 83 kg), which doesn't make sense.

A kilo of fat is equivalent to about 7000 kcalories (compare it with butter). Four low-calorie days is a deficit of, at most, 8000 kcalories, which doesn't add up to 3 kg loss.

I'm not measuring my IGF-1 level - the hormone that determines whether cells are in go, go, go division mode or repair mode - but perhaps it is dropping already and that is moving my body towards a new equilibrium.

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