Monday, 3 September 2012

Coffee addiction

I think it is more appropriate to use the term "low calorie" day than "fasting" day in the intermittent fasting regime. According to the eat, fast and live longer Horizon programme, it is possible to take up to 600 calorie for men. It also sounds less extreme to explain to others that I am not eating due to a low calorie day.

So my second low calorie day was Sunday 2 September 2012.

I had tea with milk and one weetabix for breakfast as I was going to be taking part in a 5 km race in the morning. The race should have burned up around 300 calories, so had a couple biscuits immediately afterwards. Later I had a milky coffee to ensure I didn't suffer the caffeine withdrawal symptoms of my first day, which had given me a terrible headache. Soup and a couple of slices of bread for lunch. Then just fruit teas until a cup of tea with milk and a biscuit before going to bed.

No headache or stomach issues to report.

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