Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A change of scene

I am now beyond the 300 day milestone in this processing of remembering every day that passes.

It continues to go surprisingly well.

I am really appreciating having the memory tags stretching back into December last year as there has been a change of scene. We reurned to my wife's country a little over a week ago. One espisode has come to an end and another has begun.

With such a sharp break, it is as if a book has been slammed shut. I was a little worried that it would suddenly become much harder to review the days spent in the previous episode of my life.

As when we moved to my country, it doesn't take long at all to feel like I have never been away. The experience of now joins with the experience of last time, which can squeeze out the time in between.

However, with my morning reviews of some of the images pinned to my mental calendar over the past 300+ days the eventful time we spent visting family, travelling to the Olympics and Paralympics and so on remains vivid and real. As do the more mundane events. In fact, every day is there.

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