Friday, 21 September 2012

Ground rush

Soon we will be departing for my wife's country.

I am experiencing the ground rush of a far off event suddenly arriving, the months turning to weeks and now to days. We leave on 7 October.

I wonder how my memory of the days spent here will feel when I am in that alien environment.

Usually when we visit her country, very soon it is as if we had never been away.

I wrote about the same experience about coming here back in February in my post: Here we are again.

Already one foot has crossed the ocean as that foreign land pulls me back, uprooting me once again.

I'm a little nervous that it will become harder to recall the memory tags pinned to my mental calendar when now seems a distant place.

At the same time I feel excited at the prospect that I will be able to remember and be able to say: "This time last year we were...."

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