Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The lakes

In remembering the images pinned to my mental calendar as memory tags for every day that passes, I find it is helpful when they are related.

This is often because of life's natural progression. So on 15 June I visited the town where my bike was in storage. On 16 June I brought it back home and went for a ride (getting back in time to watch my niece play in a band - an image tied to my bike ride so I can remember this key event). On 17 June I took a long bike ride and ate lunch at a favourite restaurant.

If the image for one of those dates eludes me, the other dates not only orientate me, they remind me of my bike, which helps trigger the recall.

This is so useful, I'm investigating adding elements retrospectively to existing images in my regular reviews.

An example: my image for 27 July is joining a group run in a park. The following day, I visited my parents and we went out to a restaurant for lunch. There was no connection between these images.

Then I recalled that on the run through the park I caught a striking glimpse through a gap in the trees of a lake on which a couple of swans floated, one flapping its wings in the instant I passed.

The restaurant the following day was also by a lake.

By adding the lakes to the images for the consecutive days, I now have another aide memoire.

Another example: my tag for 20 July is another run - a five mile road race. It left my legs aching and that reminds me of pounding the road. This segues into my niece pounding on her drum kit in my memory tag for the following day, when her band was playing at a music festival.

This has great potential for helping me to remember and possibilities for fun.

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