Monday, 19 August 2013

Children and whisky

A long time ago I read a few books by Robert Ludlum and more than once he describes his heroes meeting colleagues and impressing them by not only recalling the names of their children, but offering them their favourite brand of whisky.

I found this intimidating as it suggested that a) I should choose a particular brand of whisky to favour over all others and b) I should then stick with it so that it somehow labels me amongst my circle of business acquaintances.

Perhaps it is fiction and people don't really do this.

Whatever. I am at least including the names of people's children in this process of remembering every day that passes. I visited an old friend recently and included his three children and their names in the image that is my memory tag for the day. Every time I review it, I remember their names, so next time I see the family, I will know the children's name without having to wait for my friend to use them.

Then I met my cousin for the first time in a couple of years the other day. I remember his son's name well, but I've added the university and course he is studying as words I say when I picture the image of meeting my cousin for lunch.

I suppose if any of my friends were sophisticated enough to favour a particular choice in whisky, I could choose to remember that as well.

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