Sunday, 11 August 2013

Diary catch up

I was travelling on a train last Friday and had time to spare - not least because my reviews of images pinned to my mental calendar take so much less time.

I had brought my diary along to continue bringing it up to date. I decided at the start of this experiment that I would not write down my memory tags; I would give myself no option but to remember them.

However, my current method for refreshing the images is to review those for one day per month of the period longer than six months and I fear this may not be above and gaps may start to appear. So I decided to update my diary, not as a crutch to remembering, but as a record of my life for my future self.

My diary involves far more than the events encapsulated in the memory tags. The tags were only ever intended as a trigger for remembering the day.

That said, for some days there is nothing much of note that happened, orther than something like, "Today I ran along the canal after work and stopped half way to enjoy the sun and eat some biscuits on a bench".

Other days fill page after page with details and refelections, just as if I was writing the entry that evening.

Yet the entries I am currently writing are for August 2012, a year ago.

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