Friday, 9 August 2013

Patience is a virtue

I recently wrote about being unable to place my experience of the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun on my mental calendar. I hadn't made a point of including it as a memory tag at the time. In the end I checked the date on the internet.

The event was associated in my memory with a visit by friends - but I couldn't remember which friends. If I had waited, the half remembered clue to the date might well have materialised.

I've just had a similar experience. Yesterday I ran through the images pinned to the 8th day of each month on my mental calendar. When I do this, I generally have a sense of surrounding days, even if I don't make a point of recalling them. When I came to 8 November 2012, I felt a black hole looming for 9 November, so tried to call up the image and found none.

I continued with my run through the 8th days, thinking I didn't really need to worry about the 9th until the run through due today.

Hours later - about 6 hours, in fact - the image for 9 November 2012 popped into my head while I was doing something else. It was actually linked to the image of 8 November, the day I fixed my laptop when a spare part finally arrived. On 9 November, the image is setting up a dataprojector for my wife to watch a film with our nephew.

My mind had this pointer and others; there were images for all the other days on the calendar.

I need to trust the strength of waiting a little more.

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