Friday, 2 August 2013

A new association

A key part to this process of remembering every day that passes is the association between days.

Often when I am searching for an elusive image pinned to my mental calendar as a memory tag, it is the images pinned to surrounding days that remind me of it.

Early on in this experiment, I passed a three-day window over each week to strengthen the association between subsequent days. I reduced it to a two-day window to take less time and now I only pass it over the past 6 months of images.

For longer than 6 months ago, I recall just one day per month. So as today is 2nd August, I reviewed the 2nd of each month starting from January 2011 (before I began this process, but I have found some images for earlier months). I continued up to the present date.

It struck me that this one-day-per-month sequence is another pattern. Associations may form between the days a month apart and become another tool for remembering.

To try to strengthen the association, I run the day-per-month review to the present, through the 6 months that are reviewed in more depth.

I have struggled to recall some of the older images since I stopped reviewing them so regularly and I hope it will become easier as the new associations between days a month apart become familiar.

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