Thursday, 22 August 2013


Remembering names is one of my challenges.

And so this is information I make a point of including in some of my memory tags.

Sometimes the repetition is enough to fix a name in my mind so when I see the person again, I can use their name.

But I have had some problems with confusing certain names, such as Monica and Maura, so something more is needed.

Now, I've joined a running club. Having started entering road races nearly a year ago (my first race is the image pinned to 2 September 2012), I've grown to love running with other people. The beauty of a club run is it is not a race so it is possible to chat.

Before I began this process, it would have been a challenge to remember people's names and I would have faced many awkward moments of meeting someone I had spoken to at length some days before and being unable to remember their name.

So I've decided to remember the names of everyone I speak with by including them in my image tags, reinforcing the recall through subsequent reviews.

Other associations are helping. I ran alongside Kimberley during my first run out with the club. She was friendly - and petite. Her name made me think of Kimberley diamond mine: she is a little diamond.

I find associations with other people with the same name also helps. On another session, I chatted with Martin, the name of a family friend. The friend, now deceased, was married to Pauline. There was a Pauline at the meeting I had the day before the run, whose name I also want to remember. This link between the days also helps me to remember the tags.

Using people's names when I meet them is also key to reinforcement. It often impresses them.

Though I do have to try hard to remember their faces as well.

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