Thursday, 5 April 2012

Writing my story

Looking at my life as a book, the day that has passed is a page written by time, but I realise I have some leeway over how it is laid down in my memory.

Tuesday 3 April 2012 was a day of mixed fortunes.

A charity I have set up to support an African village received news of a small grant. Unfortunately this was a third of the sum asked for to enable a project to commence, meaning I now have a commitment to the funders to deliver the project, but need somehow to find the rest of the money.

At work, a totally unrelated charity, we had news that a major funder will provide a grant next year. But a smaller funder has told us they will not be able to provide a grant expected soon due to their own funding shortfall. So we have a black hole in the finances to fill if we are to reach next year.

Personally, I've been experiencing violent cracking from my neck as I spend so much time at the computer trying to keep on top of things.

On a more positive note, I received an iPhone that day for free. My old phone died on Sunday 1 April 2012 while I was in town with my nephew waiting for my brother. On 2 April, my memory tag is looking at second hand phones on the market for a cheap replacement - money is tight. Fortunately, it occurred to me to check with my service provider and I found I could have a free iPhone if I commit to another two years of my existing plan.

This and more are on the page of my life for that day.

My memory tag is meeting my wife in a café after a lunchtime concert she had attended and I caught the end off. My new phone is on the table and as I am relaxing with my wife, I am thinking that's three good developments today: a free iPhone, money for the African project and a big grant for work for next year.

I will carry that with me and look to future pages carrying the story of how the other problems were solved.

Maybe a little less stress will help my cracking neck.

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