Monday, 16 April 2012

Accumulating memory tags

My memory tag for 31 March 2012 is driving home with my wife and nephew and playing car games as we did so. His favourite was choosing a colour of car and seeing who could count the most. Top tip: choose white.

Another game was a memory test, where each person added an item to the list of things we were taking home.

When we went home we took some sandwiches.

When we went home we took some sandwiches and some fruit.

When we went home we took some sandwiches, some fruit and a vase for flowers.

And so on.

Reviewing memory tags for a specific day, as is my practice, has some similarities with this. Each day I am adding another image to the list for that day of the week.

Even though there is a week between each round of this memory game, it is not so challenging as the car version. In part this is because the events are real and significant, and in part because the surrounding days provide context which helps with recall.

Otherwise I'm not sure I'd be able to accumulate the number of memory tags I have.

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