Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Living intensely

One of my early reservations about this process of remembering every day that passes was whether it would result in my focussing on the past instead of living in the present.

In practice, I am finding the opposite to be the case.

I seem to notice more about each day as I am living it. In part this is because, consciously or subconsciously, I am noting significant aspects or moments that may form part of my memory tag for my internal calendar. So today I registered that it was particularly warm and the leaves had sprouted on the horse chestnut trees along a familiar road. This is an appreciation of the here and now, made more pleasurable because I know I will remember it.

It is not just about noticing things to remember, but making the most of the time.

A while ago I came up against an obstacle to remembering as my mind seemed to rebel at the heightened awareness of my own mortality this process brings. The plus side is that this awareness stretches to appreciating this day will exist only once and then will reside, unchangeable, in my past.

As someone once said, at the end of my life I won't be reflecting on the days spent in the office, but the special moments shared and the unusual and exciting experiences.

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