Monday, 2 April 2012

Flavour of days

Part of my routine of reviewing days already lived is to think back on what I was doing on the same day in past weeks.

Some days have a particular flavour to them. Saturdays and Sundays are a break from routine and so the images pinned to my internal calendar are more distinctive. They are often tied to each other and surrounding days, for example, if we have had visitors or made a trip. It is a particular pleasure to scan back through these days.

Thursdays currently have a special flavour too as my wife is doing an evening course and taking and/or collecting her will figure in the memory of the day, even if not the specific memory tag.

Anniversaries are significant by definition. The 14th is the monthly anniversary of our wedding, and we at least comment on it, usually meeting for lunch or doing something else to mark it. When a day coincides with the 14th it generally makes it much easier to remember.

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