Saturday, 4 February 2012

You were saying

When you are in a routine, what distinguishes one day from the other to be able to remember them individually?

Yesterday, Friday 3 February 2012, I was in the office as usual, doing the usual things. I needed something unique to this day to be able to remember it for the rest of my life.

At lunch time, I went out to pay my local tax at the town hall.

It struck me last night how sad it would be if the mark I carried with me for this day was paying tax.

Then I had a revelation.

The day was also unique because of the conversation I had with Linda from the post room as I shared some of the bread pudding I made on Wednesday 1 February. It started with bread pudding and continued into anecdotes about her family.

It was a moment of sharing, not just food, but ourselves.

What a far better memory to hold on to.

We have many such conversations. Whether they will merge into one, or work as effective memory tags remains to be seen.

But I noticed today that I listened more attentively to my wife as she reminisced about a student trip while we were drinking coffee in the café we walked to. It is a conversation I will remember.

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