Sunday, 12 February 2012

Success and reward

Yesterday was Saturday so lying down to sleep I scroll back through the memory tags for past Saturdays. They are pretty entrenched in my memory now.

Then I hit 7 January and I feel the panic of a date with nothing attached.

In a second I switch to 8 January, find a tag, and that brings the 7th back.

The panic turns to a mind burst of satisfaction. A mini eureka moment.

If the fear of a blank is an obstacle to remembering, then the thrill of remembering - particularly when it is momentarily difficult - is not only motivation for trying, but surely also a reinforcement mechanism.

A blank need not invoke fear, but anticipation of a reward for success when I find the missing memory tag, so developing that skill.

If this is something inherent to the human mind, then the lengthening history of days to remember need not be daunting.

But a pleasure.

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