Saturday, 11 February 2012

Remembering the future

We moved into our flat on 29 December 2011. Since it was after I began this process of remembering every day of my life I can say, "Ah yes. I remember it well!"

It is a great flat, but things did not get off to a good start as we both found we were allergic to it. After a couple of hours our noses were blocked up and eyes sore. My wife is more sensitive than I and I had to assure her we would either solve the problem or move out without much delay.

After cleaning carpets and walls, changing a curtain and not using a particular radiator that seems to have been painted with something it shouldn't, it is fine and we are able to enjoy it.

I become very practical in situations like this, thinking about what needs to be done and getting on and doing it. I visualise how things should be and try to make it happen.

I thought of us being settled and the teething problems a memory and an experience to relate to friends. And now we are living that future.

A while ago I found a diary written during a dark time in my life.

In amongst the despair are drops of hope saying, the sun is shining outside, life is a miracle and one day things will be better. And they were.

Of course, there are bad days to come too. Every life ends in death. And as Queen Elizabeth II said at a memorial service to September 11th, grief is the price we pay for love.

Every day will pass. So I try to enjoy what is good and bear what has to be borne in that knowledge.

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