Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Closing the year

As television stations and newspapers conducted their reviews of 2013, I decided to do my own.

I have images pinned to my mental calendar for every day of the year and so ran through them all sequentially from 1 January 2013.

It was straightforward - the images felt familiar from being refreshed at least once per month. More recent images are refreshed twice per week using my current refresh technique.

I had been feeling for a while that 2013 was getting old, partly because 2014 has been figuring more and more in my calendar of forthcoming events, partly because I have been filling the days of my mental calendar.

I orientate myself around my mental calendar as if I am walking over the month-to-view sheets, laid out before the digits of the year. As the year has progressed, I have moved progressively further away from the flaming 2013 I see in my mind's eye. Today the drum on which the calendar sheets sit has rotated to the left and I stand on 1 January, staring up at 2014.

All the same, there is still something fresh about the year now over: in every review during the past year, I have stepped from 2012 upto the number 2013.

That feeling will probably wear off as 2014 replaces 2013 as the new year.

My wife and I are physically in the same place where we spent last New Year, so thinking back a year during recent days reminds me of the same places and people. Both have changed over the past year, even though the months have passed one day at a time.

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