Monday, 15 April 2013

The indelible past?

My review of past days was very different today.

My mental calendar has become a landscape with not only the images pinned to each date as memory tags, the surrounding rich context also calls for my attention when I think of a date.

Zooming in on a date brought up so many other memories of it and surrounding days. It felt almost a reversal to move from the vantage point of seeing the whole landscape to step, metaphorically speaking, onto a date to recall the image.

This gave me the breathless thought that maybe the time I need to do these daily reviews is passing.

Each morning I have been running a two-day window over every week (even a three-day window before that started to take too long). So today being Monday, I remember each Sunday and Monday since I began this process on 17 December 2011.

Except this morning I had the feeling that I was constraining myself to pick out the single images I use as tags when the whole landscape is there.

The scary, but exciting thought, which I do not yet believe, is the landscape is the past and so it is permanent and unchanging and will continue to be there. Set in stone. Indelible.

This is surely an illusion as I have constructed my mental calendar from the moments I have chosen to remember. If I stop the process of adding an image to the calendar at the end of the day or no longer review the images to entrench them, surely it will start to fall apart.

I will continue my daily reviews for now, but it seems this experiment has entered a new phase.

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