Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Head on my shoulders

My memory tag for 22 March 2013 is my first session of Global Postural Reeducation (GPR).

I've had another session since then and have been doing the exercises every morning. The main purpose of these is to stretch the muscles around my spine to correct my posture, particularly the chin up and forward position of my head.

My head doesn't really want to go to where it should be, though that is changing. This is most noticeable in the exercise laying on my back, close to the wall so my legs are pressed against it as they point to the ceiling. My feet are flexed downwards and a thin pillow under my head corrects the tendency for my head to throw backwards. Instead my neck is straight and I try to tip my head downwards, though it will not move beyond looking straight up at the ceiling.

Part of the point of GPR is the feedback between body and mind. I am beginning to feel what is the correct position. This stays with me more and more. So much so that when I run, I can slip into what feels almost to be the correct position, particularly as my neck muscles relax as the run progresses.

It is interesting to look at past photographs, where I can see how I am sitting or standing incorrectly. Some new ones will show how much that has changed.

As yet, my new improved posture has not stopped the violent cracks from my neck vertebrae when I sit too long at the computer. Hopefully that will come.

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