Friday, 26 April 2013

Clicking gone

I had my first Global Postural Reeducation session on 22 March 2013 (it's my memory tag for that day).

I was motivated by the violent and recurring clicking in my neck, usually when moving my head while working with my laptop on my lap.

I am doing the exercises at home as instructed and am already noticing great changes in my posture - and my self-perception.

It struck me today that the clicking in my neck has just about gone.

I now most often work at a table, not least because it is no longer relaxing to do so slouched in the armchair, but uncomfortable.

Beyond this, my spine seems to be opening up, making me feel a little taller and lighter.

One useful visualisation in trying to adjust mentally to my new posture, is to imagine puppet strings attached to my head, holding it in the correct position, with my body hanging naturally below; the bones and joints of my skeleton falling into place.

The forces I apply to my body in the exercises to loosen up the muscles so this becomes reality, show me where the resistance remains. I am often applying these forces outside of the exercises, as I sit, drive, lean against a wall while waiting for the kettle to boil.

Often I find myself slipping into my chin forward slouch and have to correct it.

But I can see the day coming where forces are replaced by freedom and suppleness.

Having lost much of the violent clicking so soon is unexpected.

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