Monday, 19 March 2012

Thanks for the memory

After a week of feeling this process of remembering every day that passes was reaching a natural end, I was given a boost last weekend by the rewards it brings.

Friends from Southbeach visited and on Saturday 17 March 2012 we went to Easton, calling in at a nearby deer park first for a walk.

One of my friends asked when I had last been there and was impressed that I was able to say immediately, 14 January.

My wife and I took our friends to the café we had eaten at that day. I had made a point of remembering the car park options and so we were able to discuss whether two hours in the short stay car park would be enough, or whether we needed the more distant, but cheaper, long stay.

I remembered where we had sat in the café and what we had eaten. Perhaps not too remarkable as it was only two months ago, but my wife didn't remember and asked if I could.

This memory successs was a stark contrast to reminiscing about our friends' last visits. We tried to remember when we had visited the nearby town of Sanver. I had it down as years ago, but it was only last year. I have added a memory tag to my mental calendar for 2011 so I should remember that visit more accurately in future.

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