Friday, 16 March 2012

Back on track

After several days of feeling I was slipping on ice as I tried to access the memory tags that were once firmly attached to my mental calendar, I feel I am back on track.

Just considering the idea that my mind was rebelling from remembering because doing so brought home my mortality seemed to put an end to the problem.

Laying down to sleep, I went for a big review, scanning back through the days and recalling the same day each month. So, what wer my images for 15 March, 15 February and 15 January. Then back a day.

It was all still there and only a few days didn't come back instantly, just requiring association with the surrounding days to bring back the memory tag.

The perspective of the passage of time through this exercise is often surprising and, in that, rewarding.

Remembering is definitely better than not remembering. I have to accept my days are numbered and remembering them is part of relishing life.

I hope that means I am over this wall.

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