Friday, 23 March 2012

New reality

How long does it take me to meld with my location?

It seems that three months makes me well entrenched. Our new flat now feels like it is ours, perhaps helped by the visitors we have had in recent weeks, who do see it as our flat.

This morning as I snoozed, I tracked back through all my memory tags with no difficulty.

Indeed, the start date of this process of remembering every day that passes - 17 December 2011 - is no longer a cut-off as I have reclaimed most of the time back to when we left my wife's country on 19 November and have tags for most of those days until then.

The time before we left is still a blur of mixed memories, distant in space and time. But at some point I will make a project of reclaiming those days too.

This is my new reality: where I am now and being able to remember what has happened.

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