Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Rebooting the year

When I began this process of remembering every day that passes I would periodically run sequentially through the images pinned to my mental calendar. Usually on a long drive.

As the days piled up, this became unfeasible. But I missed it. A sequential review brings the connection between days into clearer focus. It also provides me with a great deal of insight into what was happening then and how it impacts on now.

Then at around 1000 days, my refresh technique collapsed. The way to recover was to go back to sequential recall, even though it took several days, while I looked to modify my refresh technique to cope (my current refresh technique is under 'about me' - for the initial version see 'how it began').

The memory reboot post from that time explains more.

I did a few more memory reboots in the following year.

Now I'm over 1500 days, with four years of my mental calendar completed (2012 - 2015), a sequential review of a single year turns out to be useful.

It is easy to fit this around the refresh technique, particularly as I often drop the 6-month review now altogether, doing it on alternate days.

The past is set in stone, even if my understanding of it changes. Running through a complete year over the course of a few days maps out the landscape - a goal I wrote about recently.

Having gone through those four years sequently, my usual reviews are quicker. Not only are the images clearer, but the connections to surrounding days are strengthened. It is very rare now that I have to recover a lost image.

It feels this is leading somewhere. A refresh technique suited to many more years of memory. Or perhaps completed years will become so entrenched in my memory, I can rely on them being there without routine reviews.

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