Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Month end

I carried out a memory reboot recently when my review process failed me - and felt like doing so again.

Normally, I conduct a daily review of the same day of the month since I began this process. So on 28th of the month, I recall the images pinned to my mental calendar for the 28th of each month, starting from January 2011.

When I failed to complete this review for several days, I recovered by runnng through consecutive days from the first day of this process. This took me several days to complete, but was hugely rewarding.

A perfect opportunity to repeat the process came on the 28th November. Things become complicated at the end of the month. There are 28 days in every month, but February drops out when I come to 29 days, unless a leap year. November has only 30 days and so I have to squeeze in the 31st of each month by doubling up. In months with 31 days, half the months drop out of the review.

So I decided to do a full memory reboot by running through consecutive days, giving myself 28, 29 and 30th November to complete this. In actual fact, I only completed it on 1 December.

Running through years of daily memory tags was an illuminating and satisfying experience for all the reasons I have been exploring on this blog.

I have lost no days and surprisingly few images proved elusive - there were just three that I had to set aside to retrieve later, using the techniques I have developed. As I've noticed before, it was the most recent weeks that proved most difficult as the images are less entrenched.

Having completed the reboot, I've finished off today by reviewing the 1st of each month to slip back into my usual routine.

All images are noticably fresh once more.

I don't think I will make it a hard rule to do the same at each month's end, but perhaps several times a year will be beneficial.

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