Sunday, 28 December 2014

Coping with three years of daily memories

Now I am in the fourth year of remembering every day that passes, I need to adjust my refresh strategy.

For a long time, I have  reviewed the images for the same day of the month since January 2011, before I even began this process.

Today being December 28, I would have recalled the image for the 28th of each month. In so doing, I would often use the preceding day, recently refreshed, as a reference. This is in addition to the more detailed review of the past 6 month period described in the 'refresh technique' post.

As the months have piled up, the long review has become too much. When I've failed to complete it, I've been faced with doing two or three days per month on subsequent days to try to catch up. When I lost it completely, I did a memory reboot, recalling sequential days from the beginning over the course of several days.

I have wondered whether the sequential days route might be the way to go. For example, taking say three months to refresh during free thinking time each day for the whole of the period I have covered, and then looping back to the start. I'll keep that in reserve for the future.

The modification I am introducing now is to review two consecutive days per month over two days.

So yesterday, I ran through the images for the 27th and 28th of each month. This doesn't really take more time that reviewing a single day as I would often have to orientate myself by recalling the preceding day in any case. I didn't complete the review yesterday, so finished it today - that freedom to run over takes the pressure off. I'm now up-to-date.

I first tried this on December 24, running through the 24th and 25th of each month to get ahead of myself. I completed the review in one day, so had no long review at all to do on Christmas Day (my intention).

Unlike my six-month review, I do not intend to overlap days: tomorrow I will review the 29th and 30th of each month, not the 28th and 29th. This will give me December 30th to either finish the long review - or as a break from the long-review process.

No doubt I will still have to orientate myself with surrounding days, but I suspect the overall time demands will be reduced.

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