Monday, 29 December 2014

Lost Christmas

I was so looking forward to Christmas.

My wife and I had everything planned: visiting my brother and his family, a carol service, overnight at a spa hotel on the way to my parents, Christmas dinner with them and my sister's family. I had quietly booked to run in a race on Sunday near one of my wife's favourite places so we could combine our interests.

Then my mother-in-law had a fall and we hurriedly booked tickets to return to my wife's country to provide support. She has come through the operation and is home, but needing constant care.

I have no regrets about making the trip and had the chance to exchange Christmas wishes with family here, while presents for my family sit at home undelivered. As we intersperse changing dressings and moving my mother-in-law from bed to chair and finding nurses who can provide long-term support, each of the events we had planned pass by in a joyful parallel universe.

They are tags on my mental calendar for future days that did not become memories.

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