Saturday, 29 June 2013

Remembering the time that passed

I had a long drive today and decided to fill some of the time with a continuous review of the images I have pinned to my internal calendar to remember every day that passes.

A quick run through the whole lot from 17 December 2011 when I began this process. I led into this starting two years ago and recalling the few images I have for the period before then.

But I didn't get far because remembering took me back to that time around Christmas 2011 and moving into a new flat with my wife just before new year.

The memory tags I have reviewed so many times they are familiar to me, orientated me to remember so much more about those days and information ballooned, sometimes reminding me of another fact from the week before. It was not just remembering, it was inhabiting that time again.

Three hours later when I arrived at my destination, I had only reached early February 2012.

Before I sleep, I will do my lightning review to reinforce the images for the intervening time until today. Having them is so precious.

It doesn't take long.

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