Wednesday, 19 June 2013


All of the methods I have been using to remember every day that passes remain true.

Reviewing the memory tags pinned to my mental calendar reinforces them. I am still running a two-day window over each week starting from two years ago (I have a lot of blanks until I reach 17 December 2011 - the day I began this process). For the last month, I go through every day.

If an image is elusive, I can find it by running through the images for surrounding days.

There are no plot holes - events must happen in order. This also helps me when I get lost.

Having a theme for a week or sequence of days is a short cut to recalling them.

Visualising the layout of the calendar in my mind's eye helps me to orientate myself and move from date to date.

Generally I run through the review as I am waking up, but sometimes this is not possible.

And so I realise I am addicted.

I have to complete the review before I go to sleep again. I find I can pick up where I left off easily enough during the day.

If I fail to complete the review, which has happened a few times, the next day I will cover three days per week for the missing period, or even run through the full sequence of days.

What also continues to be true is this process gives me a grounding sense of perspective and balance, which makes the effort worthwhile.

Though it uses mental space, it does not dominate my day, but gives me something to fill odd moments - and though I am addicted to the reviews, I rarely obsess over events or thoughts as I might have done in the past as they fit into the broader perspective.

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