Sunday, 2 June 2013

Moving through the world

I have just spent some time in the city where my office is based.

We lived here for most of last year and I posted a blog on 8 February 2012 about how when I return to a place it becomes familiar as if I had never been away, while other places fade - until I visit those once more.

It struck me on this visit that this is no longer the case.

In my daily reviews of the images pinned to my mental calendar I check in on most of the places and people I have visited over the past 18 months (depending which days of the week I cover).

This gives me a sense of them continuing without me, of friends and family getting on with their lives.

When we made a weekend trip to visit friends, they had been in my thoughts virtually every day since we had last met as they appeared in different memory tags.

It makes the obvious clearer: although my viewpoint is always where I stand, I am a traveller moving through the world.

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