Friday, 7 December 2012

Do I really want to remember this?

Refreshing my memory tag for 21 March 2012 this morning, I found myself thinking, "Do I really want to remember this?"

The image pinned to my mental calendar is sitting in a café waiting for the exhaust to be adjusted on our car - it had been replaced a couple of weeks before and was knocking. I had just had a hair cut while I waited, haircuts being one of the things that I choose to remember, which has cured me of my habit of leaving it two weeks too long before thinking it is time for another.

But really. For the rest of my life do I really need to remember that I had a haircut on 21 March 2012?

Then I thought, why not? These are the things that make up life. The big things are easy to remember, but we spend most of our hours on the small things. Are those days when nothing more significant that a haircut occurred to pass into oblivion?

I am staying at a hotel at the moment. In India. A significant memory, perhaps. But thinking idly of the snack on room service last night, my thoughts strayed to staying in another hotel in my wife's country and all the receipts I had signed waiting for me when I checked out. I remember the moment and the hotel, but I'm not really sure of the occasion - was it a wedding anniversary? - the date, or even the year.

So yes, I do want to remember.

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