Tuesday, 25 December 2012

What I had for Christmas

Happy Christmas! I hope you received the presents you wanted - and some that you didn't, which are often more special.

I remember last Christmas well, but I did not make a point of remembering what I received from whom, or what I gave. This year I have decided to use the presents as a way of remembering the detail of the day.

This is an extension of a technique I have been developing. It involves remembering more than just an image to capture a day, extending into remembering key facts.

So when I attended the 20th reunion of a group I worked with in Africa, on 15 September 2012, I decided to remember everybody who made it to the event. When that date comes up in my reviews, I run through the 15 names.

I am using a freer version of this for my niece's wedding on 1 November 2012. Whenever I review the date, I try to think of a different aspect of the wedding, and if I have time, to relive several special moments.

Similarly for the work trip I made recently to India. I have a key image for each of the days spent there, but try to recall something extra each time, such as someone I met or something we discussed or did.

This year our Christmas gathering was on 24 December, eating late and staying up to open presents, as is the tradition in my wife's family.

I will try to remember a specific exchange of presents in each review. In this way I will carry the special moment of closeness with each relative who was there and retain a little of the spirit of Christmas for as long as I can remember.

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