Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Visceral fat

Some years ago I was tested on a sophisticated body-fat scale which passed currents of different frequencies between hands and feet to build up a picture of where body fat was deposited.

This was when I learned that I had an unhealthy level of visceral fat, that is fat around the organs, such as the liver. From a health point of view this is worse than subcutaneous fat deposited under the skin.

Even though I didn't look fat, I long wanted to lose this fat.

The intermittent fasting diet seems to be doing it. That is not only shown by the less sophisticated body-fat scale I last used in the local pharmacy, but because I feel my stomach cavity deflating.

Indeed, my memory tag for 19 October 2012 is suddenly finding I am able to flex my belly muscles without feeling I am having to pull in a resisting mass of organs.

It is a satisfying feeling of recaptured youth.

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