Thursday, 26 July 2012

Catalog number

Out shopping with our recent visitors I was despatched to purchase something from a catalog showroom.

My sister-in-law showed me the seven-digit number and said she would write it down.

I immediately said I woud remember it.

I don't think this process of remembering every day that passes has given me a photographic memory, but certainly in the past I would not have had the confidence to remember a number without writing it down or endlessly repeating it to myself.

Funny thing is, I still remember the number now.


  1. That's actually very interesting. Do you find that memory training actually helps you remember things better in general?

  2. Hi Garoth, I'm only seeing your question now. I'm not totally convinced this process improves my memory in general. I'd like to think so and there are some instances where I've felt better able to hold onto numbers and names (the number referred to in the post is now long gone). What I am doing now is capturing key information in the memory tags I create as part of this process of remembering every day that passes. So, for example, I make a point of remembering people's names when I meet them if I think it important and include them in memory tags so I will be reminded of them in the reviews of do to refresh the images and know the names next time. This can be applied to anything - such as remembering how to identify types of trees or birds, for example.