Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Speed reading

As a teenager I read a booklet on speed reading.

The basis of the technique is not so much to read quickly, but to learn to glide over the words on a page and register key words to gather the gist.

I sometimes try to apply this to recalling the images pinned to my mental calendar, now that there over 250 of them since I began this process of remembering every day that passes.

My current strategy involves remembering the three days leading up to the present day of the week, beginning from when I started this process. So today is Wednesday 29 August, so I begin with Monday 19 December 2011, then the following Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I jump to Monday 26 December 2011, the following Tuesday and Wednesday. And so on until I reach a month ago, 29 July 2012. From then on I recall the images for every day until yesterday.

Most of these images come with little effort, using the techniques I have been developing.

I'm trying now to speed up the whole process of the review by using the speed reading technique of registering a flash of the images, rather than dwelling on them. Not on every run through and not for every week. But certainly for those that are now well entrenched and come to mind easily this will hopefully be enough to stop them fading.

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